What does 2e mean?
What does gifted and talented mean?
What measures do you use?
What are learning challenges?
Do you have teachers with training in teaching children like mine?
Do 2e students typically receive accommodations through an IPP?
How do you offer emotional support to 2e students?
How will you use my child’s strengths to address the areas they struggle in?
What is the goal of E2 Academy?
Do you provide transportation?
What are your school hours?
Is there before and after school care?
What can I expect on an on-site tour?
Can I bring my child on an On-site Tour?
Do you offer financial assistance?
Where can I learn more about educating the twice-exceptional 2e student?
About our school

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E2 Society for Twice-exceptional Learners was founded by a group of parents in 2015.

Our focus on "Unlocking Exceptional Potential for an Exceptional Future" ensures accountability, continuous improvement, and quality support for 2e learners, guided by our core values.

We have Teachers, Learning Facilitators, and Student Support Staff that all work hard to support our 2e students in their learning journey.