How do I apply for my child to attend E2 Academy?
How much is tuition and is there a tuition-reduction program?
Refund Policy
What is included in the Tuition Fee?
What is the family commitment at E2?
Do you accept students mid-year?
What is your admissions criteria?
Do all students need to have a psychoeducational assessment?
What students are not eligible for your program?
How does E2 Academy support such diverse learning needs?
What if I do not have all the required documents or they do not apply to my child?
What does E2 Academy do to determine if my child is a good fit?
When do you make the decision on acceptance?
Do you consider international students?
When is the best time to apply?
About our school

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E2 Society for Twice-exceptional Learners was founded by a group of parents in 2015.

Our focus on "Unlocking Exceptional Potential for an Exceptional Future" ensures accountability, continuous improvement, and quality support for 2e learners, guided by our core values.

We have Teachers, Learning Facilitators, and Student Support Staff that all work hard to support our 2e students in their learning journey.