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Support our Students

Why do private schools conduct fundraisers?

Financial support from the Alberta Government for private schools is a fraction of what it is to the public education system. A student attending a public-school program would get $13,000 in funding from the government while a private school would only be provided $5000 per student.* Private schools must make up that deficit in tuitions and for many families, the higher costs are a challenge. In 2020, E2 Academy has allocated roughly $100 000 in tuition reductions for families. Many families would not be able to afford sending their children to E2 Academy without these initiatives.

*information provided by AISCA 2016 statistics.  For more information check out www.aisca.ab.ca

ATB Cares

ATB offers a program where 100% of your donation goes to your charity of choice and ATB matches 20% of every dollar, up to $5000 per year. 

For more information or to donate, click on the provided link below.  


An easy way to support our school

You can support E2 Academy by simply purchasing gift cards for use in a large variety of stores.  A percentage is given to the school with each gift card purchase. To find out more about the participating retailers or how we receive funding, check out 

Skip the Depot

Your bottle donations make a big difference

Your empties can be picked up at your door and the proceeds go towards our school.  

Simply create an account or install the Skip the depot app and select to get your bottles picked up.  When asked if you’d like to donate, select E2 Academy in the drop down list of options and the school will receive the proceeds.  

Mabel's labels

The easy way to label items for your whole family.  All school items sent to E2 Academy require labels.  This year this has become a mandatory measure because of Covid-19 precautions.  

Online Silent Auction

E2 Academy conducts various fundraisers to purchase specialized supports and assist in tuition reductions for our families.  Thank you to those families that participated in our online silent auction in November/December.  We raised nearly $5000 to help support our families with tuition reductions.  

Many thanks to our fundraising committee for all of their hard work and to those that donated items and time to make this auction a success.