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About E2 Academy

E2 Academy is a small pre kindergarten to grade 12 private school that focuses exclusively on 2e (twice-exceptional) students.  Our classrooms are small with a maximum of 8 students per class with a teacher and at least one learning facilitator.  Our multigrade classes are a great benefit for our asynchronous gifted students that might excel in specific subjects while lagging in others.  It also helps our students to be more inclusive of various age groups.  

Our school is a DSEPS (Designated Special Education Private School) and this means we are specifically focused on twice-exceptional students.  Students can have a variety of diagnoses and giftedness, and each student has a program plan tailored to their individual needs.  What works for your child might be completely different than what might work for someone else and we factor that into their methods of learning.  

We accept PUF funded students (pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs) and also have an Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Pathologist, Social Worker, and Psychometrist that work with our students individually on a weekly basis. 

“Through a collaborative approach that emphasizes sharing their diverse perspectives, teachers and parents can invigorate the love of learning inherent in twice-exceptional students.” − Daphne Pereles


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